TV news parody makes fun of social media overload

For anyone who gets a little annoyed when the CNN anchors pimp their Twitter feeds, this video from the Dallas Fox affiliate is for you.

KDFW’s parody video does a good job of pointing out that TV news’ eagerness to be hip to social media can make it look just plain silly.

There’s an irony there. TV news was much quicker on the uptake than its newspaper counterparts when it came to making the transition into the Internet age. TV’s 24-hour news cycle, its willingness to innovate, the journalist cum celebrity and the superficiality of coverage, were made-to-order for the Web. Newspapers delivering yesterday’s news? Not so much.

But while TV news websites were much better early on than newspaper sites, they’re still a little clumsy at incorporating social media into their live broadcasts.

Social media is one thing that doesn’t translate well to live TV. If I’m watching the evening news on my television, I could care less what people on Twitter are saying about the day’s top story.

The lesson for broadcasters is simple: People don’t use their TV to interact to interact socially, and until that changes trying engage viewers through social media is going to be awkward, at best.