Top 10 reasons Google+ will fail (Or why Facebook isn’t losing sleep)

If you follow the major online influencers (yeah, I’m talking about you, Scoble, Brogan, Kawasaki, Rowse et al) you’ve noticed that all of them are gaga over Google+. For sure, G+ is a fascinating platform with tremendous potential. Google took some of the best features of Facebook and Twitter and rolled them into an easy to use (if difficult to fully understand) social media network.

But despite its upside, G+ is far from perfect. And while those smart guys in Menlo Park will surely be adding features and improving things in the coming days, weeks and months, here are the Top 10 reasons Google+ will fail:

10. Here come the spammers

9. Two words: Google Wave

8. Privacy? What privacy?

7. No search. No hashtags.

6. You’re in my “Friends” circle. I’m in your “Asshats” circle.

5. Keeping your circles organized is a lot like trying to keep your sock drawer organized, but only if you have 1,000 pairs of socks in 100 different drawers.

4. Search, e-mail, chat, maps, YouTube: Do you really want Google to have this much control over your life?

3. Cat gifs

2. It’s Google’s way or the highway.

1. I’ve got to use Picassa. Really?