Category: Internet Activism

UNICEF: Likes Don’t Save Lives

A biting new video from UNICEF Sweden takes a poke at “clicktivism,” the Internet Age’s no fuss, no muss activism that can be done from the comfort of your couch. With just a few keystrokes and a mouse click, hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people every day feel like they’re making a difference for whatever…

Wikileaks tosses a virtual pie into Bill Keller’s face but who gets last laugh?

Bill Keller, presumably the real Bill Keller, was angry. How angry? Apparently, all-caps angry.

How a 14-year-old girl stood up to the fashion establishment – and won

Seventeen magazine knew what it was up against and called for a truce, or in this case something the magazine’s editor calls the “Body Peace Treaty” — a pledge to never alter girls’ faces or bodies and to use diverse models of different body types, skin tones and hair textures, among other promises.