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Twitter and Instagram are no longer ‘friends’

When it comes to the social media/tech world, there are super powers, established brands, up-and-comers and a whole bunch of wannabes. What we often forget is that the super powers — the Googles, Facebooks, Apples and Microsofts were all, at one time, wannabes. Every one of them.

Stunning time-lapse video is best NASA mashup ever

Knate Myers, a photographer/cinematographer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, made this incredible time-lapse video using photos taken by the International Space Station.

Get ready for the mobile photo-sharing revolution

I took this photo during a January snow storm in D.C. It’s dark and moody and the snow is whipping around in what looks like 10 different directions. If I was a better photographer, I might be able to tell you how I thoughtfully set my exposure and aperture before waiting for just the exact…