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Wikileaks tosses a virtual pie into Bill Keller’s face but who gets last laugh?

Bill Keller, presumably the real Bill Keller, was angry. How angry? Apparently, all-caps angry.

Twitter and Instagram are no longer ‘friends’

When it comes to the social media/tech world, there are super powers, established brands, up-and-comers and a whole bunch of wannabes. What we often forget is that the super powers — the Googles, Facebooks, Apples and Microsofts were all, at one time, wannabes. Every one of them.

Rise of the Twitter bots

I was working on a post tying together Twitter bots, Mitt Romney’s recent surge in Twitter followers and Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics when I came across Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes’ smart article on the rise of “tweeting robots.”

Zynga, Facebook having some tough times down on the farm

It’s been a tough year in Farmville. Make-believe fields are sitting fallow and make-believe cows aren’t getting fed. I’m sure if there was a make-believe John Mellencamp, he’d be in Farmville right now organizing a benefit concert.

Digg’ing its own grave: Hard times for social media pioneer

Remember Digg? Just a couple years ago, it was a major player in crowd-sourced news. Getting a link on the the site’s front page meant tons of traffic. Nowadays? Not so much. Digg is done. A New York tech firm called Betaworks bought Digg last week for a mere $500,000 — about what they find…

Pentagon looking to develop Twitter, Facebook Special Ops

The Pentagon is gearing up for a looming social media war–battles the military envisions will be won by being one step ahead of Twitter- and Facebook-powered insurgencies. For the Pentagon that means developing social media tools that combine the code-breaking know-how of its intelligence services with the propaganda skills and manipulation techniques of its Pys-Ops…