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Stunning time-lapse video is best NASA mashup ever

Knate Myers, a photographer/cinematographer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, made this incredible time-lapse video using photos taken by the International Space Station.

Lebron Rising: NBA star’s new Nike commercial goes viral today

Did anyone really think that Lebron James’ marketing appeal would suffer because of his controversial exit from Cleveland, which former NBA star turned analyst Charles Barkley called a punk move? Nah, Nike has too much invested in James to let that happen. James’ new Nike commercial, “Rise,” will air on TV today, though it was…

TV news parody makes fun of social media overload

For anyone who gets a little annoyed when the CNN anchors pimp their Twitter feeds, this video from the Dallas Fox affiliate is for you. KDFW’s parody video does a good job of pointing out that TV news’ eagerness to be hip to social media can make it look just plain silly. There’s an irony…