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Twitter and Instagram are no longer ‘friends’

When it comes to the social media/tech world, there are super powers, established brands, up-and-comers and a whole bunch of wannabes. What we often forget is that the super powers — the Googles, Facebooks, Apples and Microsofts were all, at one time, wannabes. Every one of them.

Zynga, Facebook having some tough times down on the farm

It’s been a tough year in Farmville. Make-believe fields are sitting fallow and make-believe cows aren’t getting fed. I’m sure if there was a make-believe John Mellencamp, he’d be in Farmville right now organizing a benefit concert.

Digg’ing its own grave: Hard times for social media pioneer

Remember Digg? Just a couple years ago, it was a major player in crowd-sourced news. Getting a link on the the site’s front page meant tons of traffic. Nowadays? Not so much. Digg is done. A New York tech firm called Betaworks bought Digg last week for a mere $500,000 — about what they find…

Facebook vs. Google: In this David and Goliath battle, David is packing heat

Just two years ago did anyone think that Facebook would be going head-to-head against Google for ruler of the Web? Google? Of course. The Internet giant had no peers in the search engine business, it’s Gmail had become the dominant email provider and it had added blue-chip tech start-up YouTube to its lineup, not to…

Facebook uncovered? The Daily Beast peeks under your news feed

Take Thomas E. Weber’s little Facebook experiment for what it’s worth — some interesting insights into how FB decides what to put into your news feed. I wouldn’t go so far to say that Weber’s piece on The Daily Beast has “cracked” the code. Some of what he reports are things most habitual FB users…