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Wikileaks tosses a virtual pie into Bill Keller’s face but who gets last laugh?

Bill Keller, presumably the real Bill Keller, was angry. How angry? Apparently, all-caps angry.

Zynga, Facebook having some tough times down on the farm

It’s been a tough year in Farmville. Make-believe fields are sitting fallow and make-believe cows aren’t getting fed. I’m sure if there was a make-believe John Mellencamp, he’d be in Farmville right now organizing a benefit concert.

How a 14-year-old girl stood up to the fashion establishment – and won

Seventeen magazine knew what it was up against and called for a truce, or in this case something the magazine’s editor calls the “Body Peace Treaty” — a pledge to never alter girls’ faces or bodies and to use diverse models of different body types, skin tones and hair textures, among other promises.

Digg’ing its own grave: Hard times for social media pioneer

Remember Digg? Just a couple years ago, it was a major player in crowd-sourced news. Getting a link on the the site’s front page meant tons of traffic. Nowadays? Not so much. Digg is done. A New York tech firm called Betaworks bought Digg last week for a mere $500,000 — about what they find…

Pentagon looking to develop Twitter, Facebook Special Ops

The Pentagon is gearing up for a looming social media war–battles the military envisions will be won by being one step ahead of Twitter- and Facebook-powered insurgencies. For the Pentagon that means developing social media tools that combine the code-breaking know-how of its intelligence services with the propaganda skills and manipulation techniques of its Pys-Ops…

Top 10 reasons Google+ will fail (Or why Facebook isn’t losing sleep)

If you follow the major online influencers (yeah, I’m talking about you, Scoble, Brogan, Kawasaki, Rowse et al) you’ve noticed that all of them are gaga over Google+. For sure, G+ is a fascinating platform with tremendous potential. Google took some of the best features of Facebook and Twitter and rolled them into an easy…