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  • Twitter and Instagram are no longer ‘friends’


    When it comes to the social media/tech world, there are super powers, established brands, up-and-comers and a whole bunch of wannabes. What we often forget is that the super powers — the Googles, Facebooks, Apples and Microsofts — were all, at one time, wannabes. Every one of them. Not a single one sprung full-grown from the head of Zeus.

    I wonder, however, how many years it will be before we see another social media start-up go from wannabe to super power? It seems that any established social media brand that shows beastly potential will eventually be bought and co-opted by one of the industry giants. Yahoo bought Flickr for $40 million in 2005 when the photo-sharing site was barely a year old. The next year, Google bought YouTube for an eye-popping $1.65 billion (which, after all is said and done, might be the steal of the century) before the video site turned two. And earlier this year, Facebook paid $1 billion for the one and a half year old Instagram.

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  • Top 10 reasons Google+ will fail (Or why Facebook isn’t losing sleep)


    If you follow the major online influencers (yeah, I’m talking about you, Scoble, Brogan, Kawasaki, Rowse et al) you’ve noticed that all of them are gaga over Google+. For sure, G+ is a fascinating platform with tremendous potential. Google took some of the best features of Facebook and Twitter and rolled them into an easy to use (if difficult to fully understand) social media network.

    But despite its upside, G+ is far from perfect. And while those smart guys in Menlo Park will surely be adding features and improving things in the coming days, weeks and months, here are the Top 10 reasons Google+ will fail:

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  • New York Times exposes JC Penney and the seedy underbelly of SEO


    For the past several months, JC Penney was inexplicably at the top of the Google search results for everything from dresses to area rugs. Let that percolate for a bit. JC Penney? Really?

    Well, it turns out that JC Penney either knowingly or unknowingly through a third party, gamed the Google search engine to the tune of tens of millions of extra hits a month for the past three to four months. There’s no telling how many of those hits translated into online sales. But you’ve got to figure the retailer got a major boost during the holiday shopping season from its undeserved search engine rankings. The New York Times’ David Segal dishes the dirt on JC Penney’s foray into black hat SEO in “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search.”

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  • Facebook vs. Google: In this David and Goliath battle, David is packing heat


    Just two years ago did anyone think that Facebook would be going head-to-head against Google for ruler of the Web? Google? Of course. The Internet giant had no peers in the search engine business, it’s Gmail had become the dominant email provider and it had added blue-chip tech start-up YouTube to its lineup, not to mention the even bigger purchase of Double-Click in 2007 (here’s a list of all of Google’s acquisitions)

    The question wasn’t whether Google was king but whether any company could challenge its supremacy in the forseeable future. While Facebook isn’t in Google’s league when it comes to estimated market value, it has carved out a niche in social media that Google has, so far, failed miserably at tapping.

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